Glastonbury Assembly Rooms Users Survey
We are currently relaunching the Assembly Rooms, and are hoping to bring it back as the vibrant community space that it has been in the past, hosting popular bands, workshops, theatre, community events, and as a real social hub. We’d like to find out what your vision is for the building, so we can improve it in ways which will make it more attractive to you as a venue, we’re interested in your opinions and suggestions, and they may help us raise funding to improve the building that directly benefit the community. The survey is anonymous.
What is your age? *
If you are in the UK - What is your home postcode?
This won't be used to identify you! It's simply the easiest way we can plot the Assembly Rooms supporters on a map, this may have implications for funding. If you live outside the UK please leave this blank.
What has been your involvement in the Assembly Rooms? *
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What events are you most interested in attending at the Assembly Rooms? *
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What are the main musical genres you would be most interested in hearing at the Assembly Rooms? *
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How regularly have you attended events in the Assembly Rooms over the last 3 years? *
Who would you definitely come and see if they played at the rooms? (Be realistic please!)
You can make a few suggestions here, of people who've played at the Rooms before or not at all.
What would you change about the Assembly Rooms to make you want to visit more often? *
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What appeals to you about the Assembly Rooms? *
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If you travel from out of town to events at the Assembly Rooms do you also:
(We're interested in knowing whether our visitors have an impact on the financial success of the wider community)
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Which of these products / services do you use?
Perhaps one day we'll try and get some sponsorship at the Assembly Rooms, to pay for improved facilities, we would only want to approach ethical / Green / Community Minded companies though. If you use any of the following it might help us to persuade a nice company to give us some dosh!
Would you like to contribute in some way to the Assembly Rooms?
If you answer yes to any of these please email us at, phone us on 01458 834677 or pop into the Rooms and talk to one of the team
Other comments or suggestions that would help us improve the Assembly Rooms
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