Digital Storytelling Campus Survey
The UMBC Digital Storytelling Working Group is made up of faculty, staff, and students using DS in their teaching, research, and work. In the interest of providing workshops and trainings that will be of use to the campus community, please fill out the survey below to indicate your DS needs and interests. Please share this survey with anyone who might be interested. Please complete the form by Monday, October 21st.

The term Digital Storytelling can encompass many media and formats but for our purposes here, we are using the term as defined by the format's originators, Story Center, and used by many practitioners in the last two decades. Digital Storytelling as described here refers to a specific format of digital video made up of a simple personal narrative audio track coupled with images and videos.

If wish to join the UMBC Digital Storytelling Group, info can be found here:

The group's next meeting will be November 5th, 1:30pm in the Dresher Center Conference Room in the Performing Arts and Humanities Building. We welcome you!

Information about the 2020 International Digital Storytelling Conference to be held at Loughborough University in the UK:
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5. Have you participated in a Digital Storytelling Workshop before?
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9. Do you use Digital Storytelling in your teaching, research, or work? Please tell us how.
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10. If you would like to use DS in your teaching, research, or work, but you haven't yet what holds you back/prevents you from doing so?
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11. What supports could you use in order to incorporate Digital Storytelling in your teaching, research, or work?
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12. Please add any additional information or questions that might be helpful to the DS Working Group.
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