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Seeking Alpha Stock Pitch at MIT - Registration
Please complete this form by the pitch publication date (11:59 PM EST on Sunday, October 23rd). Please note than only one person from the group needs to fill out this registration form and needs to submit the pitch to Seeking Alpha.

For instructions on how to submit your pitch to Seeking Alpha:

Primary Contact Name (First and Last Name)
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Main Contact Phone Number
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What is the ticker symbol of the company which your pitch is based on?
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What university do you attend?
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What year do you graduate?
What club are you representing (if applicable)?
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Please list all group members' names and email addresses separated by commas (up to 4 members)
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Have you submitted your pitch to Seeking Alpha?
I am and my teammates are interested (if applicable) in career opportunities from Seeking Alpha stock pitch sponsorship partners. Please share my/our information.
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