Delta Wind Birds Big Day fundraiser for shorebirds
On April 24, 2017, the DWB birding team of JR Rigby, Hal Mitchell, Nick Lund, and Jason Hoeksema made our third attempt to break the "Big Day" record for the state of Mississippi. This means that we tried to see/hear as many bird species as possible in the state of Mississippi, during a single, midnight-to-midnight, 24-hour period. Once again, we came close to the record (currently 175, set in 1989 by Schiefer & Hodges), but fell just short. For more details on our 2017 attempt, see here:

In 2018, the DWB team is going to try again, and we're determined not only to break the Big Day record of 175 species, but also to break our fundraising record from last year! In 2017, with your generous support, we raised more than $6000 to provide habitat for migratory shorebirds. We are projecting that our Habitat program will cost $9000 in 2017, and our ultimate goal is to raise that entire sum through our Big Day fundraiser. Can you help us with a pledge per species?

As was the case last year, all pledges of at least $1 per species will earn a 2018 Delta Wind Birds Big Day t-shirt, featuring original bird art from J.R. Rigby, which will look something like this:

As usual, the exact date of our 2018 attempt is uncertain right now, because we are planning to watch the weather and conduct our Big Day attempt when the weather conditions are best for seeing migrating birds along the Gulf Coast, but it will likely happen during the final week of April.

Please help us use this event to raise money for migratory shorebird conservation. Many migratory shorebirds are suffering declining population sizes, in part because they lack adequate stopover habitat during their arduous migrations. Your tax-deductible donation will support Delta Wind Birds' efforts to work with private landowners in the Mississippi Delta to create habitat for migratory shorebirds, in the context of a working agricultural landscape. Creation of such habitat costs approximately $100-150 per acre, for the duration of fall migration. Please help!

Note: We expect to find between 165 and 180 species, and all we're asking for right now is for a pledge amount per species. We will contact you after the event with instructions for making your actual donation. Delta Wind Birds is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible.

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