Fireworks Feature @ Oceanview Speedway - Saturday 27 March 2021 5PM START!
Drivers Registration for our Meeting on Saturday 27 March 2021. RACING STARTS AT 5PM.

Pit Gates Open 2pm

Stockcars, Superstocks, Production Saloons, Adult Ministocks, Youth Ministocks, Sidecars

Wanganui Club Members - you will be listed as competing. If you are NOT competing, please contact your Class Rep a.s.a.p. and let them know - thank you!

2020/2021 Trev's Concrete Stockcar Shootout
2020/2021 West Coast Superstocks
2020/2021 Noel Kensington Memorial
2020/2021 George Podjusrksy Memorial
2020/2021 Craig Heibner Memorial
2020/2021 Heiby Youth Ministock Memorial
2020/2021 Karl Barritt Memorial - Sidecars

And... Fireworks!

CLASS CONTACTS (please contact after 5pm);

Stockcars ~ Damon Baxter 021 023 47476
Superstocks ~ Shaun Smith 027 480 3309
Production Saloons ~ Daryn Smith 027 899 3113
Sidecars ~ Aaron Rose 027 303 8930

Ministock registration is ONLY through the Class Reps and the classes are limited to 26 cars;
Adult Ministocks ~ Claire Meads 027 231 4155 after 5pm
Youth Ministocks ~ Kaelin Mooney 027 422 0334 after 5pm

When you register, it helps us plan the best meeting we can for your racing. We also use this information to advertise and promote the meeting. Thank you for your co-operation.

If you know of others who are wanting to come, please share this with them so they don't miss out.

Pit Gates open 2pm
Public Gates open 3:30pm
Racing starts 5pm
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