UC Santa Cruz Measure 43: Sustainable Food, Health, & Wellness
2019-2020 Online Grant Application

The Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) at UC Santa Cruz is soliciting grant applications from UCSC undergraduate students for fiscal year 2019/2020 education and research projects. CASFS administers UCSC's Measure 43 funding to support a host of programs and opportunities for students at UCSC, including education and research grants. Measure 43 will ensure that all undergraduate students have access to education and programs that enhance their understanding of the food system and their food choices, and that increase opportunities for classes, workshops, “learning journeys,” hands-on gardening experiences, and other campus activities. For more information on on the scope of activities supported by Measure 43 funding, please click on the link below:


Grant Application Details:

Selections are based on: (1) how well the proposed project fits within the Measure 43 funding focus (i.e., food system education and outreach events/programs, campus garden efforts, and student food system undergraduate research), (2) the degree of consultation and inclusion of relevant faculty, administration, and staff, and (3) having a clear and easily implemented work plan, timeline, and budget. Please note that a separate quarterly application and funding stream are available to support visiting speakers; see the above web link for details on the application process and deadlines. These funds seek to encourage undergraduate project led/co-led programming to further advance student leadership and learning.

To qualify you must:
-Be a currently enrolled UC Santa Cruz undergraduate AND meet one of the following criteria:

-You are applying on behalf of a Registered Student Organization on file with the university (through the Student Organization Advising and Resources [SOAR, 2nd floor of the Student Union] or a college activities office); a registered Student Media Organization; or an organization registered through OPERS. Your staff advisor must be aware of and approve the budget proposed and work in tandem with you to manage any funds awarded using an approved FOAPAL (University account code).


-You are applying on behalf of a group of students working with other campus units, such as the School of Engineering, College Programs Office, etc. You must have a staff or faculty sponsor that will commit to the student engaged project and budget proposed (and provide consultation and review in advance of your submittal), will work with you to manage those funds using an approved FOAPAL, and will advise your project. Thus the UCSC unit must agree to serve as the sponsor and administrator of the proposed project funds.

Grant Amount: Grants ranging from $500 to $2500 can be requested for FY19-20. This funding round is for Winter 2020 through Fall 2020. All funds not used by December 1, 2020 will return to the general Measure 43 grant fund for future projects (this entails requesting your fiscal liaison to initiate a Transfer of Funds we then approve).

Timeline: Grant applications are due on Friday, December 13th, 2019. Your project timeline may start in January 2019 with an end date of June 2020 or December 1, 2020. Please outline your timeline in the appropriate prompt below.

Evaluation: All funded projects may include a mid-project evaluation check-in with a student project representative. At the conclusion of your project time, awardees will be invited complete a project survey evaluation as well. You may be asked to share your project outcomes, resources, or materials at specific campus events and programs that will enhance your peers' interest and understanding so please document and track your impact and outcomes accordingly.

The Measure 43 grant committee will review all proposals in January 2020. Projects selected for funding will be announced in February 2020..

Please plan take sufficient time to prepare your answers in advance and review and print the form to confer with your group and advisors. When you are prepared to submit be sure to have all your answers on hand to copy and paste from a word doc as you CANNOT save before submitting the entire application so please be careful.

If you have any further questions please email the the grant review committee by contacting the staff coordinator, Tim Galarneau at tgalarne@ucsc.edu or call 831-459-3248 (work cell is 831-359-8861)....

Thank you for your interest in applying!

M43 Grant Review Team :-)
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(must include their contact info below; For example: John Smith, Provost of College 8, jsmith@ucsc.edu, 459-5555)
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(confirm with your advisor before including--have them create the FUND 20182 for funds to be transferred into)
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(Please address the following areas: Project Goals & Outcomes, Project Scope/Focus, Methods you will employ, & Evaluation Plans; We will ask for your budget and timeline in proceeding questions)
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(Please address the following areas in your budget: Materials, Rentals-space & equipment, Student Stipends, Speaker Honorarium Fees, Travel, Other-please describe; In addition if you are requesting funds from other sources for this project please note which aspects of your budget are being requested from Measure 43 versus other sources)
Have you applied for funding from other campus sources for this project? *
If you answered "yes" to the question above please include all campus sources and amounts you are seeking below: *
(You can also note whether the funds for your project applied for within Measure 43 are complimntary to other funding source requests and it should reflect in your budget above if that is the case)
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(Please note the amount you received from Measure 43 for your past project and if the grant was successfuly completed or where it currently stands)
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(Your project timeline may start in January 2018 with an end date of June 2019 or December 1st 2019. Please outline your timeline in the appropriate prompt below accordingly)
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