Canterbury Junior Hockey: 6-aside Entry Form (Kwik Sticks, Kiwi Sticks, and Mini Sticks)
This is the (on-line) form to enter teams into the 2018 6-aside competitions.

The form is set-up to enable registration for each individual team.

If a club is entering multiple teams, the user is required to enter the details for the team he/she wishes to register, and finish by pressing "Submit", then using the link supplied to open the form again to submit the details for the next team. The only repetition for multiple entries will be entering the "club/school name".

Reminder: Entries close 8.30am 6 April 2018

Club/School Name *
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Team Gender *
Team Name *
eg. Hornby Hippos or Avon 3 or Rangiora A. CHA reserves the right to reject any team name considered inappropriate
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Contact Name *
Required here is the name of the team manager or coach so that CHA can contact them directly for matters like "mid-morning cancellations". Matters of a less-urgent manner will be directed to the club secretary (details of which are already known).
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Cell Phone Number for the Contact Name *
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Email Address for the Contact Name *
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Enter the Grade for the team *
This is an estimate of where you believe this team will sit in the competition and is used to assist with seeding. i.e. If you believe your team is going to be competitive in the upper third of the competition then mark 1, if it is new to the grade then mark 3.
Please confirm you comply with the grade prescription for this team *
How many teams is your Club/School entering in this grade *
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Team Rank *
Rank THIS team among all your entries in this grade.
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Playing Level of the team *
This is SOLELY to give an indication of the strength of the team as the club sees it WITHIN the grade (see question immediately above) the team is being entered. "1" is very strong, "10" is very weak.
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