*YUSU Policy Development Review*

Please read our 5 Big Ideas for the new Policy Development Process at https://yusu.org/your-voice/policy-review-5-ideas and use the questions below to share your thoughts.

Data will be held by the YUSU Student Voice team for the purpose of the review only, in line with our Data Protection policies. This can be found at https://yusu.org/about-us/organisational-policies/data-protection
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1) Do you like the idea of the “Make a Change” process with the 3 strands - YUSU Policies, YUSU Debates and YUSU Actions?
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2) Which students do you think should make up the policy decision making group, the "Policy Forum"? (Please tell us if you have another idea in the "Other" option)
3) The current Policy Review Group focuses predominantly on just the passing or rejecting of policy. Do you think the new Policy Forum should play a greater and more active role in the development of policy?
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4) Do you think the Policy Coordinator should become a paid role?
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5) Paying the Policy Coordinator affects how we can recruit them. After reading the information regarding this at https://yusu.org/your-voice/policy-review-5-ideas, do you think the Policy Coordinator should be:
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Please share any other thoughts, opinions or ideas you have for the process.
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Are you happy to be contacted about your answers to aid the review further if required?
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