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The COLABS software sustainability seedling is collecting information about software products to help flesh out our full proposal.  Your input is greatly appreciated.  We will not share individual responses outside the COLABS team.  We ask for identifying information to allow us to reach out if we have further questions.
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Software project name(s)? *
If you're responding for multiple projects at once, please list all of the project names and in later questions, please be sure to differentiate answers with the software name where they are different.
What is your name? *
What is your email? *
What is your role in the project?
What sponsors have funded your software product?
How would you define success in terms of your software product(s)?
Who is currently responsible for sustaining the software?
We're trying to understand whether it is an individual, a specific group of people, or more loosely defined.  Specific names are welcome, if appropriate.
What kinds of skills and resources are needed to sustain your software?
This may include, for example, experience with particular programming languages (e.g., Fortran, Python, heavily templated C++, etc.), classes of hardware (e.g. GPUs or high-speed interconnects), domain knowledge, or other skills.
How do you test your software?
For example, do you have automated tests?  Where do they run and how often?  Do you have continuous integration testing, which is triggered by commits to the code repository?  What hardware platforms are you testing on?  Are you testing on DOE supercomputers on a regular basis?  The U Oregon "Frank" system (for ECP projects)?
How do you deploy your software?
For example, spack, Linux package managers, PyPI, tarballs from download page or code repository release page?
Are there any particular challenges your software faces currently or you anticipate facing in the future?
Particularly with respect to its sustainability and stewardship, but other concerns may be relevant too.
Please estimate how much effort you currently invest in software sustainment activities?
Preferably in terms of FTEs.
What do you consider to be the minimum level of efforts to "keep the lights on" with respect to sustaining your software for users?
Preferably in terms of FTEs
Staffing preferences?
We envision two primary modes by which COLABS would help projects with the stewardship activities.  One involves providing financial support (e.g., a charge code) for someone already in your project to cover an appropriate amount of their time for sustainability activities.  Alternatively we plan to establish a cadre of staff who can be embedded in projects to support their sustainability efforts (like an RSE group, if that's a "thing" at your institution).
Additional feedback, questions, etc?
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