RFI Credential Application
This application is for those who are not currently credentialed with RFI. This application will take 20 to 30 minutes of your time. Please provide sufficient time to thoroughly read through information and complete all questions. At the end of the application you will be prompted to submit the application fee for whatever you are applying for.
Letter from Dr. John
Revival Fellowship International, Inc.

Dear Brother and Sister in Christ,

Thank you for you interest in RFI. We are delighted to be of service to you as God directs. Revival is in the land and we desire to assist all those whom God is using to bring in the end time harvest.

If you decide to apply for any category of affiliation, please complete the application(s) according to the procedural information therein and return completed forms, references, and appropriate fee(s) to expedite processing. For the best results, RFI requires that all Pastors who affiliate churches with RFI must also hold credentials
with RFI.

May God richly bless you in all your endeavors to fulfill the Great Commission and in your personal life and family.

Sincerely in Christ,

Dr. John Polis
President, RFI

God is restoring all spiritual truth, including the gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit to His Church in accordance with the promise of restoration in Acts 3:19-21. In each wave of restoration, fresh, or what is called ”present truth” is given to the church for retention and implementation. History records the beginning of this great move to restore the church beginning with Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation up to this hour with the “present truth” of the restoration of apostles and prophets to the body of Christ. When fresh revelation is given, it is not always received and assimilated by existing organizations so “new wineskins” are formed to contain the ”new wine” of the Spirit. In this hour we are seeing the birthing of “apostolic movements” with the purpose of proclaiming and implementing the truths concerning the five fold ministry gifts within the church. In the past we have seen the Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran and Pentecostal Movements form to retain and proclaim the restoration truth their founding leaders were given by the Holy Spirit. It is the plan of God that the church should grow up in “all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ” by partaking of all the truth that has been restored thus far. This requires us to receive from one another and cross-pollinate, or network together. Some movements are referred to as “remnant” groups because they have accepted all truth that has been restored, without forming an exclusive denomination to isolate themselves from others they cannot agree with. It is our desire to be a restoration movement that embraces all that has been given to the church historically, presently and in the future. In RFI, we desire to be like the “children of Issachar” who “had understanding of the times” (1 Chronicles 12: 32), and continue to
become fully mature in Christ before his Second Coming.
Birthing Prophecy of RFI
Given Forth in 1995

Thank You, Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You, Lord! Glory, Hallelujah, praise the
Lord! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

“These are the men God has chosen. God has ordained and organized this
whole idea, from the foundation of the world, saith the Lord God. I have
ordained that this fellowship be created. Transform to me, says the Lord.
It's in your heart, but it was put there by me! It's my idea, it's not your plan,
but it's my plan, it's my idea ordained.

You come from different streams and you've come from different back grounds, you've come from different organizations; you've come from different places, saith the Lord, but I have called you. Your streams are coming together into a mighty flow, saith the Lord God, for I have ordained it. And yes, I shall raise up this organization, saith the Lord God, and it shall touch the nations of the earth even as I have spoken, saith the lord. I have ordained you and called you and I have sent you, saith the Lord God, and I
have filled your cup.

And I have put a new anointing upon your life and I have even put a double portion, a double anointing of the five-fold ministry; it's upon you, it's in your hands to bear it across the nations; saith the lord. To bear it around the world into other nations to impart. To lay hands upon the officers of the church that I have installed. Those men and women of God that I have raised up that I have set in their places of ministry. I have given you a double portion of that five-fold ministry anointing that you shall take and lay hands upon my officers, those that I have ordained, those that I have set; and you shall confirm them, saith the Lord. You shall ordain them, saith the Lord. You shall bless them and you shall raise them up and you shall cause them to prosper and you, saith the Lord God, shall be raised up in these last days as my men of God to take this message to the nations!

For I have five-fold ministry gifts, saith the Lord, that are all throughout the earth. They are ready and they are waiting, saith the Lord. Their cup is turned up. Many are dry, many are thirsty, many are like the dry bones; saith the Lord, that I have called, but yet they have been in the wilderness. They have been setting in a place; they have been discarded. They have been setting in a place of no use, of abuse, and disuse. But I will raise you up; I called you, saith the Lord to go and find them in the valley, to go and
find them in the valley of dry bones, to go and breathe upon them, to go and bring refreshing to them. To go and raise them up again, saith the Lord.

Oh, for I will cause you to impart that fresh anointing that shall flow upon their life and into their spirit, and they shall be raised up as a mighty army in the last days. Oh those who have been in obscurity, those that have sat by the wayside; I’ve heard their cries, saith the Lord. For they have called out to me, saying ‘where are my helpers? Where are the men and women of God that care about me? Where are those men and women that can advance me, that can ordain me, that can set me, that can confirm me, that
can place the anointing upon me?

I have heard their cries, saith the Lord, and now I am calling you. And I am sending you unto them, saith the Lord. And you shall find them in the place of obscurity, in the place of dryness, and bring them into a place of freedom and glory and newness; and restoration shall come into their lives and into their ministry, and their anointing shall bud and be raised up, and they shall flourish and they shall flower and they shall blossom, the men and women of God that are in waiting, saith the Lord, that I will raise up through your lives!”

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