Festival Ha'Rikud 2019- Hosting Families
Hello and thank you for your interest in being a hosting family for this year's Festival Ha'Rikud!
This year, the Festival will host a group of 37 teen dancers and 4 choreographers from Mexico.
The group will arrive in Vancouver on May 9th, and fly back to Mexico on May 13th. That means that they will be staying with hosting families for 4 nights (May 9,10,11,12).
It will be much appreciated if you would fill out the following form. The information you will share with us in this form will help us match your family with guests that fit your needs and limitations, so that your family will have a great experience during this year's Festival Ha'Rikud!
Once we have all your information, we will contact you with the full details.
Thank you for your willingness to help and become a hosting family!
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