Countdown to Control Freak!
OMGAHHHH I'm so excited to finally share this with you and have you join our #FREAKFAM.

While we anxiously await the winter launch, let's start TAKING CONTROL NOW!!! Let's take control of our mindset, our nutrition, and creating our healthy habits. We will want a baseline of fitness before we start the full program and I'm going to help you do just that!

We will start the countdown group Nov 9 but you can join at any time.

Dec 7 - Coaches and new Enrolling Coaches can order (we will start Dec 21)
Dec 21 - Customers can order (we will start Jan 4)

**If you are actively working with another Beachbody Coach, please do not fill out this form and reach out to your coach for more info**

Warning :) : this is a life changing experience working out virtually with our Team Machine-mates. We have become lifelong friends and motivate each other daily...and get insane results.
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