Gynaecologists We Can Trust
This is an attempt to crowdsource a directory of trustworthy gynaecologists. Finding doctors who are on your side is hard enough, and when it comes to something as intimate as our internal plumbing, it's even more difficult.
We need gynaes who are well-trained, affordable, reassuring, and above all, respectful of any sexual or lifestyle choices we make.
We need doctors who know that not all people want their uterus, and that not all people with uteri are women.
We need medical expertise devoid of moral judgements regarding how we use our bodies.
And we need compassionate care that we can rely on when we are scared, in pain and sick, without any shaming for being promiscuous, queer, single, trans, abused, kinky, disabled, fat, childless, or any other aspect of our social identity that should have no relevance to the quality of medical care we deserve.

If you've had a positive experience with a gynaecologist and would like to share that info with other people, do please fill out as much of this form as you feel like and are able to.
You don't need to answer everything; we're just trying to get as much information as possible to be able to help as many of us out with all our diverse needs.

Your name and contact info WILL NOT BE SHARED with anyone besides me (@AmbaAzaad) and the folks helping to edit the spreadsheets (@Pavithra420 and @jimanish). We are asking for it just in case we need to get in touch with you for some follow-up questions.

Thanks for helping out!

You can find the directory over here -

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Is their office wheelchair accessible?
What other disability-accessible facilities do they have?
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Does this gynaecologist keep their office hygienic, clean, private and welcoming?
Surveying your experience and opinion of them
This survey might feel long, because we're trying to get information for every kind of potential patient.
Everyone has their own way of assessing standards, so just go ahead and fill this out according to your own reaction to and experience with this gynaecologist. Making guesses for situations you haven't personally experienced based on ones you have is fine.
If you don't feel like taking a guess, please select the "I don't know" option.
If you have something else to share, use the 'Other' option.
Will they keep your information private, even from your parents or partner?
Will they treat you as autonomous, without demanding permission/consent from parents or partner?
Will they advocate for your legal rights to sexual and medical autonomy if challenged by your family members/spouse/employers?
Will they positively and non-judgementally respect your choice to be accompanied by someone who is not a biological parent or husband?
Will they make poor and/or illiterate folks feel welcomed?
Will they be considerate of your financial burden and not prescribe unnecessary tests to pad their wallet?
Will they make folks from an oppressed religion, race, ethnicity or caste feel welcomed?
Will they respect your dietary choices?
Will they work with your desire for alternative therapies and medicine systems?
Will they make trans men, trans women and other folks who don't identify as cis female feel welcomed?
Will they discuss gender dysphoria related medical issues positively and non-judgementally?
Will they discuss queer sexuality (lesbian, bisexual, ace and others) positively and non-judgementally?
Will they discuss kink, polyamoury, and other forms of sexual expression without embarrassment or censure?
Will they welcome survivors of incest, sexual and domestic abuse, and discuss healing from rape and sexual trauma sensitively and respectfully?
Will they support children and teenagers regardless of their sexual history and place their well-being ahead of their guardian’s morality?
Will they welcome folks with AIDS or other sexually transmittable diseases?
Will they discuss the sexuality of folks with physical disabilities without judgement, and accommodate their needs while prescribing treatment?
Will they discuss the sexuality of folks with mental illnesses without judgement, and accommodate their needs while prescribing treatment?
Will they discuss sex work positively and non-judgementally?
Will they frankly and without squeamishness advocate for your sexual satisfaction and pleasure?
Will they discuss masturbation positively and non-judgementally?
Will they discuss menstrual hygiene choices including cups and tampons without moral judgements?
Will they respect the importance you do or don't place on the condition of your hymen?
Will they look for solutions to your pain and illness without advocating marriage/pregnancy?
Will they respectfully and non-judgmentally ask about and accept your sexual activity and history, regardless of marital status?
Will they discuss choosing to stay celibate or child-free positively and non-judgementally?
Will they give you options for birth control without advocating abstinence?
Will they prescribe you the morning after pill without judgement or hesitation?
Will they respect your choice to keep or abort a pregnancy, regardless of your marital status?
Are they equipped for surgical abortions and post-termination monitoring and care?
Will they prescribe, monitor and support pill-based abortions?
Will they respect the importance you do or don't place on the condition of your fertility?
Will they discuss infertility treatment options positively and non-judgementally?
Will they support single parenting, surrogacy and non-normative parenting choices?
Will they refuse - even under pressure - to illegally reveal a foetus’s sex?
Will they support your choice of non-traditional birthing techniques?
Will they welcome your desired companion(s) into their delivery rooms?
Will they seek and respect your decision on any surgical/invasive procedure during delivery?
Are they up-do-date in the field, aware of terms like endometriosis, sex toys, gender dysphoria and PTSD triggers?
Will they routinely screen for and keep you informed about cervical, breast and ovarian cancers?
Will they examine your body thoroughly and professionally without making you feel ugly, embarrassed, ashamed or uncomfortable?
Will they answer all your questions without making you feel immoral, ignorant, helpless or a nuisance?
Will they respect your physical and emotional boundaries if you say you are feeling uncomfortable or in pain?
Will they be able to refer you to non-judgemental and competent mental health professionals, endocrinologists and other allied medical practitioners?
Will they accept criticism of their patient-interaction technique?
Are you aware of a redressal mechanism to report sexual harassment or medical malpractice by this gynaecologist?
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about them and your experience(s) as a patient?
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Do you have any feedback, questions or criticisms regarding this survey?
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