Schedule Change Request (2019-2020)
This form should be completed by the PARENT/GUARDIAN. Schedule changes are not automatically able to be honored. You will need to complete one request per change. Changes will occur if courses are scheduled in conflict, a level change is appropriate, technical error was made, senior needs credit to graduate, or credit has already been awarded. Upon submission, you will receive an email that confirms the committee has received your request. Changes are time stamped and processed in the order they are received. Changes are processed as quickly as possible - please understand certain time periods are busier than others and there may be a longer wait time.

Please check Powerschool to see if any changes have been made. If the change is not able to occur, you will be notified with an email. Reasons a change may not be processed include but are not limited to class is closed (seat capacity), course does not fit into student's schedule, reason not acceptable (i.e. lunch change), sent from student email instead of the required parent email. If the change is not able to occur due to full classes, you will be placed on a waitlist and added should an opening occur.

Families have three days at the start of each semester to ADD courses. To DROP a course without penalty, the change must be processed within six weeks after the start of the semester. Level changes occur throughout the semester/year, usually following a group conference and after sufficient assessment time.
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6. Does student receive special education services (IEP) or have a Section 504 plan?
7. Does student currently participate or plan to participate in athletics? Reminder: All student athletics must be passing FIVE credits during the 9-week grading period preceding athletic participation. Please see counselor or athletic director with ANY questions prior to submitting a request to change unless you are adding in a course of equal credit. *
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