Language Learning Program-Juntos
Application for Prospective Spanish Teachers

We are a community that values mutuality, respect, commitment, and vulnerability. We will bring together English-speaking church members and Spanish-speaking community members for mutual language learning.

Program Description:
-One 12-week semester in Spring 2019
-It would be a combined class of Spanish and English learners
-Weekly sessions would include: an introductory session in cross-language pairs to review homework (10 minutes), Breakout session to learn TPRS story of the week (20 minutes) and a retelling and guided questions session (20 minutes) with a cross-language conversation partner

Program Goals:
-Provide a free language learning opportunity for community members taught by professionals
-Increase language learning by having students communicate directly with native speakers from the other language
-Normalize difference in a space that promotes vulnerability through learning
-Increase cross-cultural competency among language learners

Teacher Benefits:
-Teachers would be paid $1500 for the spring semester of teaching (1 hr/week teaching; 12 hours of pre-program preparation-$62.50/hour)
-Teachers would receive tuition and travel expenses to attend a TPRS conference for professional development (up to $500)

This program plans to use language learning as a vehicle for personal and spiritual transformation. How has language learning led to your own transformation?
Together, we aim not only to provide high level language learning opportunities for participants, but also to build a community that bridges demographic and societal divides. What is one gift community has given you?
This program aims to create holy spaces for relationship development through TPRS storytelling. How has sharing your story helped you create holy spaces?
As this is a pilot program, we will be creating something new together. What is one hope you have for the community you would help create?
Please upload your CV below in PDF or Document form:
Thank you for applying to the Juntos program. I will contact you to determine your availability for an interview.
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