At the end of the year, students must complete a self-reflection assessment of the Core Competencies as outlined by the Ministry of Education.

Please ensure that you carefully enter YOUR EMAIL when prompted. A copy of your responses will be emailed to this address. If you do not receive a copy of your responses, please contact Mr. Conway ( or Mrs. Sheridan ( for help.

It is recommended that students take some time to prepare themselves BEFORE completing this form. See the "Resources" section to help you prepare.

For each set of competencies, you will read several "I Can" statements and descriptions. These are designed to help you reflect upon the competencies so that you are prepared to complete the four questions at the end of each section: "My Strengths", "Examples Of My Strengths", "Goals", and "Plan to Achieve Goals".

OPTIONAL: At the end of the form, there is an opportunity to upload specific examples as evidence of strengths in a particular competency. This is optional and will require you to sign in with a google account.
*WARNING: if you choose to upload extra documentation, please ensure that you copy the link and then submit this form before continuing to the link to upload your files.
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