Trip Application - New Traveler
Hello! We are so thankful that you are considering a trip with Vision Beyond Borders. We look forward to working with you throughout this process. For an easy reference, please see the following information to help with your trip process!

Step 1: Application (45 minutes - 1 hour)
Step 2: Application Fee ($50 - non-refundable and does not go toward your trip cost)
Step 3: Processing Time (Typically 7-10 days depending on the speed of reference reply)
Step 4: Possible Pre-Acceptance Interview (15-30 minutes)
Step 5: Acceptance Email (if accepted) with Pre-Trip Preparation Details
Step 6: Booking Fee $200 (Non refundable)
Step 7: Trip Details Email
Step 8: Trip Payment
Step 9: Trip Experience! (1-2 weeks)
Step 10: Debrief (30 minutes)

NOTE: Your application must be turned in, and application fee and deposit must be paid, fifty (50) days before the first scheduled day of your trip. If you do not fulfill these requirements, you will not be able to attend the trip.

IMPORTANT: THIS APPLICATION WILL NOT SAVE YOUR WORK UNTIL ALL IS COMPLETED. Essay questions may take longer periods of time and medical information is needed. Also, please have contact information (email and phone) for three references---Pastoral, Mentor/Spiritual Leader, and Spiritual Friend.

Please have prepared answers for the following essay questions (3-5 sentences each):
- Please share a brief description of how you became a Christian and its affect on your life.
- What motivated you to apply for a trip with VBB?
- Please share any type of Christian service you have done.
- What steps are you taking to grow spiritually and to prepare yourself for the mission field?
- How does your relationship with Jesus Christ impact your daily life? How does it affect others?
- How do you relate to those of the same sex and of the opposite sex?
- How do you respond to new environments and being around new people?
- How do you handle disagreements with your friends and people in authority?
- We all need to grow in certain areas of our life. What are some areas in which you need to grow most? (two weaknesses)
- What are some of your gifts/strengths ? (two gifts/strengths)
- What are the most significant events that have occurred in your life in the past two years?
- What are your expectations for this trip?
- How would you like to grow from this experience?

Please have the following medical information ready:
- Emergency Contact Information
- Family Physician Contact Information (If Applicable)
- Past and Current Health Conditions
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