Be a part of the celebration! Application for event/creation for Trinity's 150th Anniversary
We are excited to receive submissions from the Trinity community for events and contributions that could be part of the 150th Anniversary Calendar of Events. This form allows community members to nominate events to the 2019 Anniversary Calendar that showcase an aspect of Trinity's past, present, and/or future. If you would like to use this form to tell us how you are "elevating" one of your ongoing events for the 150th, please feel free to do so.

Our Mission
To mark Trinity University’s 150th anniversary, we will celebrate our commitment to excellence, enduring community, and momentum for the future.

Guiding Principles:
• Celebrate Trinity’s contributions to higher education
• Deepen our appreciation for the intrinsic values that characterize Trinity’s unique identity and history
• Recognize San Antonio and the many communities in which we learn and engage
• Honor the generations who have made Trinity resilient, accessible, and sustainable
• Together, embrace Trinity’s momentum and the significance of this anniversary to move confidently into the future
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Who do you hope will attend this event? Who would you want it marketed to? How many attendees might you anticipate? *
What time of year will/should the event be held (between January-December 2019)? List a specific date if you have one and if you do indicate if that date is flexible or not. (We're trying to make sure we don't have an over-saturation of events all at the same time.) *
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If you need funding assistance, we will help you to think through funding opportunities. We are happy to announce that we have special but limited funds for these events that we can use. We have also connected with different university entities to anticipate unique funding requests for these special events. Do you have ideas for possible funding and/or a university department or office that might serve as a financial point of contact?
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