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Thank you for your interest in NeWER Apporaches. We're excited to work with you!
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This form is the general application for Summer of Solutions 2011. This form will ask you basic questions about your interest, and which team you wish to apply to.

This is your official application, so be thoughtful and concise. If you have questions, you can leave them in the Final Comments box (at the end).

Please note that you cannot save this application and continue working on it later. You may want to write and save your responses elsewhere and then enter and submit this form when you are done. Questions with "*" next to them are required and cannot be left blank. You will need to enter responses to general questions in order to view supplemental pages for specific programs. You can either complete the general application questions first or just type something in the required fields to go on to supplemental pages and then go back and fill everything in.

Double check and make sure all your responses are complete before hitting “Submit” on the final page.

*PLEASE NOTE: This application has been updated as of February 2, 2011, to include a new section to apply for need-based support, which can be found at: