NMZ Sliding Scale Order Request Form
A vital part of NMZ's sustainability is its support from patrons like you. In doing this project, I'd be remiss if I were not aware of the context of our current financial landscape. The purpose of this form is accessibility and resource. You can choose to fill it out and submit if
a) Accessibility - you are not able to pay the full asking price of the item and would like to do a "pay what you can" amount (be mindful of production costs, etc)
b) Resource - you are in a place where you'd like to offer more than asking price. This additional dollar amount will either go back to the label funds or attached to your purchase.

1)Please fill out all necessary parts of the form
2) PayPal is the only method of payment
3) The item you are choosing must CURRENTLY be in stock. If item is not in stock at the time of checking your request, you will be reimbursed the full amount
4) Please factor in shipping ($3.25 tapes/media up to $8 for standard shirts, etc)
5) Email acosta.edge@gmail.com with any questions
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Shipping Address
Item 1 (please any specifications: include size, color, etc)
Item 1 Desired Payment Amount
Item 2 (please any specifications: include size, color, etc)
Item 2 Desired Payment Amount
Shipping Total (include shipping amount here)
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