ART at the SOURCE 2018 – 1st Proof Form

Click on
to open the catalog proof in a separate window or tab. This reply form page should also still be open.

Find your studio number in the alphabetical listing in the catalog PDF (on pages 24-29).

Scroll down and fill in your name, studio number and email in the fields in this form.

If everything is correct in the lists and map, click YES in the "ALL OK" field, click "SUBMIT" at the bottom of this form and you are done.

If you have corrections, please type them into the appropriate text fields below.

View the PDF file and proof your:

• Alphabetical listing text (pages 24-29),
– Are your name, studio # and map code correct?

• Artist by medium listing (pages 22-23)
– Correct name, number and medium?

• Art directory text (pages 6-18)
– Is your studio listing correct? Does your studio number match the alphabetical list? Studio address, phone, and web address correct? It is best if the tel. # is one where guests can reach you during the event.

• Art image
– Correct image? If quality is not accurate, please explain. If the quality is not accurate, you may come in to SCA on February 16-17 to look at the printed proof for more accurate color matching.

• Your place on the map (pages 20-21)
– Is the dot location on the map correct? Does the number on the map match your studio number from the alphabetical list? Are the roads correct? Are there important connector roads missing?

• Other errors or questions?

When you are all done, please click the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom.

DEADLINE to submit this form is FEBRUARY 22!

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Text with studio number and image
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Art Image
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