Zero Waste Bulk Job Application
Position: Retail Associate

Primary Responsibilities
Customer Service
Assisting customers (e.g. explaining store concept, product recommendations, helping fill containers, in-depth product knowledge)
Gaining in-depth product and supplier knowledge (e.g. to be able to assist customers)
Operating the cash register and POS (e.g. deducting tare weights, applying discounts, cashing people out)
Inspecting customers’ containers for fit for use (e.g. cleanliness)
Holding product samplings and demos

Store Maintenance & Cleaning
Keeping the sales floor, kitchen, and basement impeccably clean (e.g. sweeping, mopping, dusting, wiping down bulk containers & spouts, organizing)
Ensuring “CLEAN” bins are full of appropriate utensils and have not been contaminated
Ensuring “DIRTY” bins are regularly emptied
Washing and sanitizing dishes (e.g. bulk bins, jars, bottles, scoops, tongs, cooking equipment, dishes from break meals)
Waste management (sorting and taking out waste)

Preventing Cross-Contamination
As per “Preventing Cross-Contamination Protocols” document

Assisting Deliveries & Pickups
Receiving deliveries (e.g. checking for correct product and quantities received, quality checks, labelling received dates)
Monitoring the back door during deliveries
Returning supplier containers for reuse
Carrying and lifting 50lb loads

Salesfloor Maintenance
Ensuring bulk bins are properly locked in
Checking bulk bins for product flow (e.g. ensuring proper placement of the flow control, shaking up clogs)
Retail display maintenance
Visual merchandising

Inventory Maintenance
Receiving and tracking inventory of both product stock and store-use supplies
Making sure the manager is notified when stock levels run low and when more product needs to be ordered
Quality checking products
Ensuring proper rotation of stock (e.g. FIFO, product clearouts)
Picking up products and supplies (usually within walking distance)
Keeping the stock room organized
Restocking retail items
Refilling bulk bins
As per “Refilling & Product Clearouts Guide”

Online Orders
Printing/applying labels
Filling/packing online orders
Organizing packed orders
Emailing/calling customers to coordinate orders (e.g. notifying that order is ready, coordinating pickups, notifying for out of stock items)
Retrieving orders for pickup
Answering general inquiries emailed
Using Shopify to process orders

Food Handling & Prep
Food prep
Safe food handling
Making housemade food products as needed (e.g. coconut bacon, fudge, ground flax, hummus, trail mixes)

Equipment Maintenance
Emptying dehumidifier
Replacing vacuum and furnace filters
Refilling salt for water softeners
Refilling dishwasher with sanitizer and detergents
Cleaning fridges, sinks, shelves, etc.
Temperature checks of fridges and freezers
Building / taking apart shelving units

Taking phone calls
Ensuring enough cash is in the till and making bank runs when needed (within walking distance)
Counting the till (closing shifts)
Opening and closing the store (depending on shifts)
Testing new products and giving feedback (when samples of said product are provided)
Collecting invoices for organization
Assisting in training new hires
Other tasks assigned (e.g. doing inventory, labelling products, creating product labels, sandwich sign art)

Following proper COVID-19 procedures as per "COVID-19 Procedures" document

Qualifications Required:
Food Handler’s Card
WHMIS Certification

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