Survey: How much focus time do you need daily?
I will share out the results with you and may use this in my book in-progress on effective tips and tricks for introverts.
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How much of your job requires you to be physically present in the workplace? *
Not at all
It is required and/or imperative
Before the Shelter-In-Place did your employer require you to be in the office? *
After the Shelter-In-Place will your employer require you to be in the office as it was before? If you don't know, what do you assume? *
How much focus time (thinking, processing, problem solving) does your job require daily? *
How much control do you have over your focus time? *
No control at all
Loads of control
If you answered any number from 1 - 5 in the previous question, what reasons are there to have not much control?
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What type of "vert" do you consider yourself to be?
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Is it OK to contact you? *
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