Parent/Guardian 2017 LCAP Survey
The Southern Kern Unified School District values the input of parents/guardians as it prepares to develop its 2017 Local Control and Accountability Plan and Budget for the 2017-2018 school year.
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Which school does your child attend?
1. The district provides a high quality education for students.
2. The district provides textbooks, laptops, IPads, and other instructional materials to support student learning.
3. The district offers programs to prepare students for college or career readiness.
4. The district values parents as important partners in their child's education.
5. Teachers actively seek parent input into decisions related to their child's education.
6. The teacher(s) make time to discuss grades, academic success, or areas for improvement with my child and me as needed.
7. The district effectively addresses attendance, dropout, and absenteeism.
8. My child looks forward to coming to school most days. The school contacts me if my child is often late or absent from school.
9. The teacher(s) help to make the learning understandable to students by using different modes of presenting the information. (hands on activities, games, or projects)
10. The district values parents as important partners in their child's education. Parents have opportunities to take part in decisions made within the school/district.
11. Classrooms are well-maintained and inviting places in which to learn.
12. The school's office staff is courteous and helpful.
13. There are high academic standards at my child's school.
14. My child feels safe while at school.
15. Please share a positive that you have seen at your child's school this year.
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16. What is one thing that the district can improve?
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