Day 1 2021 DPC Scoring
2021 Ditch Pickle Classic Day 1 Score Report
Enter your day 1 scores below - these are preliminary; no intent to verify and you don't need to add your photos, but it'll give us a jump on the final scoring
After the tournament we'll be asking top scorers to send their photos for verification. Now would be a good time to start sorting your DPC photos into a folder that will make it easy for you to upload your pics should we need them.
Angler Name *
Team Name *
Are you a paddler? *
Below you'll find questions for scoring your catch.

The final score for individuals will be based on a 7 fish "bag" (14 fish for teams). Remember, we round down. Your fish needs to break the plane of the next category to level up in points (a 13.8" fish is a 13" fish not a 14" fish)

12-13.99” – 1 point
14-15.99” – 2 points
16-17.99” – 3 points
18-19.99” – 4 points
20”+ - 5 points
Enter the total points scored with your 7 top bass
Thanks for scoring! We'll have a link to the spreadsheet up on the DPC Facebook
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