Recruitment Survey for In-Person Studies (adults)
Thank you so much for your interest in the Hartley Lab! As a participant you will come with you to the Hartley Lab (Washington Sq Campus) to play computer games and fill out questionnaires. Some of our studies also involve an MRI scan. You will be compensated $15-30/hour for your time.

Please complete the survey below if you are interested in participating! Once we have received your information, we will reach out to discuss our research and schedule an appointment.
Most of our studies have specific eligibility requirements. These requirements are listed below. Please complete our survey if you meet the following eligibility criteria.

1. Fluent in English
2. Between the ages of 18 and 35

*Please do not complete this survey more than once. Once you have completed this survey, you will be a part of the Hartley Lab participant database and will be contacted from there if we have a study for you to participate in.
I am willing to have the information I supply in this survey saved and accessed by members of the Hartley Lab for recruitment purposes. *
First and Last Name: *
Email: *
Phone Number: *
Month and Year of birth (mm/yyyy): *
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Please specify the best time to reach you (e.g. weekday evenings after 5pm): *
How did you hear about us?: *
Do you have an NYU ID?:
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Some of our studies involve an MRI scan. To be eligible for an MRI study you must:
1. Be willing to have an MRI scan
2. Be right handed
3. Not have any metal in your body (e.g. clips, pins, pacemaker)
4. Not have any metal dental work (e.g. braces, permanent retainer)
5. Not be claustrophobic
Do you meet all of the criteria above?: *
Thank you for completing our survey! Your information has been added to the Hartley Lab participant database. We are continually running studies and will reach out when one comes up that you are eligible for. We will be in touch very soon!
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