This form serves as the official online digital application to vend for the indoor 2019 'Holiday Flea' set for Fri. December 6th (4P-9P) and Sat. December 7th (9A-2P). Due to the high volume of applications, please be patient awaiting a response from us. Please do not email asking about the status of your application. This is a TWO DAY event at DeYor/Powers Auditorium downtown Youngstown, with spaces secured overnight by the venue for approved two day vendors.

Booth's space is limited to the equivalent of (1) one 8ft. TABLE with (2) two chairs. If you cannot operate within that space please do not apply. No requests for specific space locations will be taken. Some area's have slightly dim lighting. THERE IS NO ACCESS TO ELECTRIC.

Apply below or online at http://youngstownflea.com/HolidayFlea. Adequate information about your products MUST be supplied to process your application. Please submit direct links to social media, business page, and/or website with information about your company OR current photos of what you intend to vend at The Youngstown Flea. You can submit this information via email to info@youngstownflea.com. Once your application is received you will receive a initial confirmation email of it's receipt. An approval/acceptance email will be sent to APPROVED vendors, confirming your participation.

Event Address: DeYor Performing Arts Center / 260 W Federal Street, Youngstown, Youngstown, Ohio 44503

Upon applying and if approved, you agree to pay the vendor fee that will be immediately due upon receipt. Space is NOT held without payment. If payment is not received, space will be forfeited for nonpayment.
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I understand that I MUST supply my own table & chairs which need to be properly displayed & secured. NO ACCESS TO ELECTRIC WILL BE PROVIDED. *
This is an INSIDE event that happens "RAIN OR SHINE". I understand that booth fees will not be refunded due to inclement weather outside. *
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Supporting Documents
STATE SALES TAX: All vendors are responsible for abiding by all tax laws and collecting the 6.5% sales tax for Ohio on each sale. For more information about this you can contact the Ohio Department of Revenue or view taxation requirements on their website. Vendors are responsible for all licenses, permits, insurance and fees as necessary and/or required by law to conduct your business (you do not need to upload them to this application).

The following documents are your responsibility: (please note, not all documents apply to all vendor types)

*State Sales Tax License
*City Sales Tax License
*Temporary Retail Food License
*Fire Permit
*Liability Insurance:

******PREFERRED VENDOR RATES THROUGH PLATT INSURANCE GROUP (http://plattinsurancegroup.com)******

It is the vendors responsibility to maintain their own general liability insurance in the event of a claim arising out of participation at The Youngstown Flea. The Youngstown Flea and our respective markets are not responsible for any loss or damage incurred or caused by vendors, acts of God or the weather.

We require a 48 hour cancellation notice, in the instance that you will not be able to make an event. All cancellations will be subject to a fee if less than 48 hours are given.
2019 Holiday Flea Vendor
*By submitting this application you agree to the terms found herein. This application is for the 2019 Holiday Flea. Not all vendors who apply will be accepted to participate. PLEASE READ AND ACKNOWLEDGE: VENDOR SPACE: Standard vendor spaces are the equivalent of an 8ft table and two chairs'. Vendors can, if deemed necessary by the Youngstown Flea, purchase a larger space if available. Each vendor is responsible for providing their own tables, tent, chairs, and display surfaces. No booth sharing. Each potential applicant must apply individually and be accepted to participate as such. Approved vendors will be assigned a set up time and method. Note that the Youngstown Flea is not responsible for any damage or theft of personal belongings or merchandise, or loss of any product due to external factors. Please be careful and responsible for your area. We require that vendors carry their own liability insurance. Any accidents, harm or damage caused by a vendor or their product, goods or services will be the responsibility of that vendor. The Youngstown Flea is not responsible for any personal injury during our events. VENDOR FEES: Upon application review and acceptance for participation, vendors will be required to pay the appropriate vendor fee by a date to be specified on the notification of acceptance. If you are interested in being both a vendor and a web sponsor, please let us know via email and we can send you current rates. All confirmed/paid vendors will be eligible to be listed and linked to on the Youngstown Flea web site. REFUNDS: Once your application is approved/accepted and fee's are paid, refunds for vendors fees will NOT be given under any circumstance. NO ELECTRICITY is available. It will only be provided to approved vendors for whom it is critical. Those vendors may be charged an additional fee to connect to power. The Youngstown Flea has the right to deny your participation in any or all of the events at any time. Should there be reason to revoke your acceptance prior to the day of the event, a full refund will be given unless any of the guidelines stated here have not been followed. CANCELLATION OF BOOTH SPOT: The Youngstown Flea reserves the right to dismiss any vendor from any event. MEDIA RELEASE/CONSENT: I, the undersigned, do hereby release all rights or claims in connection with the photo(s)/videotape in which I appear, for use by The Youngstown Flea and all sponsors. I understand that the photo(s)/videotape, if used, will be for the promotional purpose of assisting future Youngstown Flea events. I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished photos and/or advertising copy. All photographs, negatives and videotapes shall constitute the sole property of The Youngstown Flea. I declare that I am of legal age and authorized on behalf of the entity applying for consideration in the Youngstown Flea, to contractually enter into the agreement herein contained.
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