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Under the direction of Dr. Oriel FeldmanHall, the Social & Affective Neuroscience Lab is looking for undergraduates interested in gaining research experience in social psychology, behavioral economics, and cognitive neuroscience. Our lab's core research interests are: 1) moral cognition and social learning, 2) psychological construal of "self" and "other", and 3) social and moral emotion.

Ideal candidates are intrinsically motivated, independent workers, critical thinkers, eager learners, and team players. Previous lab experience is preferred, but not required. Applicants should either be familiar with basic computer programming, or be willing to learn. Applicants should also have some basic familiarity with statistical analysis.

Once the application process is complete, there will be a "trial period" (akin to an add/drop period) to make sure that both mentors and students are satisfied with the working relationship. If it seems like a good fit, research assistants are expected to contribute at least 10 hours/week towards lab research, attend weekly lab meetings, and participate in bi-weekly journal clubs.

Please note that we are only considering candidates who are willing to make a year-long commitment.

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