Request a quota increase for Google Cloud Bigtable nodes
Use this form to request more Cloud Bigtable nodes for your Google Cloud Platform project. Please file a separate quota increase request for each zone.
Adres e-mail *
Your name *
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Project ID *
Which project requires more nodes? Enter the project ID, not the project name or project number. E.g., curious-lemming-42.
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Zone *
Which zone requires more nodes? Your project has a limited number of nodes available for clusters in each zone.
Additional nodes required in zone *
How many more nodes do you need? E.g., if you need 5 more nodes in zone us-east1-c, enter 5.
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Storage type *
What type of storage will you use for the clusters in this zone? Note that there's a limit of 2.5 TB of storage per SSD node and 8 TB of storage per HDD node, so be sure to use a sufficient number of nodes given your total storage requirements. See for more info.
Expected storage (TB) *
How many TB of data do you expect to store across all clusters in this zone? E.g., if you intend to store 10 TB across two clusters in us-east1-c, enter 10.
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