Youth Legislature Lobbyist Program Application
The YMCA Youth Legislature Lobbyist program is a wonderful way for students to advocate for legislation that they are passionate about. The student Lobbyist work to persuade delegates to support, change, or oppose Bills.

Lobbyists are people who are hired by companies to act as liaisons between other companies and the governors office to form positive relationships and influence legislatures to vote for or against a bill depending on how it would affect the company they were hired by.

Anyone who would like the opportunity to lobby on multiple bills during the Youth Legislature Conference, while fostering relationships with various delegates from around the state would do well in the program. You are not required to have any prior lobbying experience, just the will to learn.

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Do not choose 1st choice for all 4 categories. Please rank them. (All lobbyist members will be required to be a part of a committee)
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Finance, Taxation, Commerce
Elections, Public Safety
Interest in leadership positions
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Do you have any Lobbyist experience? (List any experience from YIG/YAG , school or other. Some examples could be a bill, a time from when you caused change in your school or community, involvement on a sports or scholastic team, etc.)* *
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Outside of the actual job of lobbying, what skills and abilities can you bring to the lobbyist program? *
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Equipment you can bring with you to Conferences (no equipment required. This just lets us know what we have available. Laptop, tablet, printer, etc.): *
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Next Steps
1. Submit one or more bill(s) ideas you would be interested in lobbying on. Submissions must be emailed to by December 14. Accepted lobbyist will be notified by January 4.

2. Submit one of the following:

A. Write a short editorial for the newspaper promoting the position you are lobbying for.

B.Design a fact sheet or flyer that could be distributed during sessions.

3. Youth Legislature Officer Training is January 25-26 (mandatory).

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