Translators stickers
First of all, I am glad you like the stickers :)

Please find some info below.

PRICE: Stickers cost €1/each + € 2 for shipping (only if you live outside Italy). Shipping to Italy is free of charge.

SHIPPING: Shipping is done via standard mail. It make take up to 3 weeks outside Italy. I usually ship orders once per week. Priority shipping can be done, but the cost is higher so email me in this case.

PAYMENT: Payment has to be done via PayPal: If you cannot use PayPal, please email me. PayPal can be used also if you do not have a PayPal account. In this case you should contact me and I will send you a payment request to your email address.

Translators are cool
€ 1 each
It depends on the context
€ 1 each
CAT tool user
€ 1 each
Fuck off I am translating
€ 1 each
I am a translator not a dictionary
€ 1 each
Ninja translator
€ 1 each
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€ 1 per sticker + € 2 for the shipping (ONLY IF OUTSIDE ITALY)
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