Trans Healthcare Reviews
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In this survey the practice is the place where you accessed medical care- it might be a hospital, community health centre, doctor's office, etc.
The practitioner is the medical/healthcare professional you saw- that might be a doctor, or specialist, or psychologist, etc.
The staff refers to other staff you interacted with, e.g., receptionist, nurses, etc.
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Practitioner seen:
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What type of medical professional did you see? *
e.g., G.P, specialist, psychologist, dietitian, etc.
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Is this a practitioner you've seen before?
Which appointment are you reviewing?
Were the practice staff that you interacted with (other than practitioner) respectful?
Was bulk billing available?
Were you the patient on this visit?
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Half of year visited in:
Rate visit out of 10, with 10 being the best experience you could have.
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