Michigan Resistance- Volunteer to stop awful bills from passing through the MI State Legislature Lame Duck Session
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We have lots of action-oriented opportunities that will help us flood targeted State Rep's offices with calls to make sure they know Michiganders want them to protect our right to vote, pensions, and healthcare.

Call the leaders of events you sign up for if you have any questions:

Darcie 734-330-3322
Margaret 734-945-0901
Lydia 650-704-3199
Cathi 734-476-7006
Ellen 734-358-5785
Yulanda 734-716-7597
Eve 832-860-0819
Terryl 810-516-0923
Phonebanking Opportunities
Street Canvassing (Ask people on-campus to make calls on the UM diag on the spot!)
I can't come out this month, but I can help in the following ways, or I will do these in addition! (Please note we will be sending a follow up email Sunday night about how to do these things and who to call! Just wanted to get the volunteer events to you all as soon as possible- stay tuned!)
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