NEM Instructor Questionnaire
Thank you for helping our community grow in knowledge. This organization would not be able to succeed without the dedication and passion of people like you. Please take a moment to fill out as much of this as you can. We will help you fill in the rest! If you have multiple classes you would like to teach, please fill out multiple surveys.
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How would you like us to contact you?
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What would you like to teach?
Please go into detail about what the class would entail.
What size class would you like to teach?
How long would this class take to teach?
What would the materials cost be for an attendee of this class?
North End Makers can either buy these materials or you can source them and be reimbursed for their cost.
What would your own materials for teaching the class cost?
We would reimburse you for these as well.
Would you like to be compensated for your time?
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If yes, how much would you like to be paid?
What is your general availability for teaching this class?
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