JBF Lynnwood/Mill Creek Spring Sale 2019 VIP Tagger Request
Do you have items to consign, but NO time to Tag? We are here to help!! Please fill out this form and we will match you with a VIP Tagger. They will tag your items and bring them to the sale for you!

What is VIP Tagging?
Step #1 - Fill out this form
Step #2 - We match you up with a VIP Tagger
Step #3 - You drop your items with the VIP Tagger
Step #4 - Collect a check for 45% of your sold items

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PLEASE Review this Sale's "What to Bring" List
For a Printable version of the "What to Bring" list please visit our website. http://lynnwood.jbfsale.com/SellView.jsp
In order to best match you with a VIP Tagger, please confirm the following: *
Please tell us what best describes your VIP Items that you will be consigning, check all that apply: *
All VIP consignors are required to have ALL items go 50% off on the final day of our event *
At the end of the sale, will you be picking up or donating your unsold items? *
VIP Consignor Policy & Procedures
Please read and agree to each statement below indicating your understanding and consent. *
Please check ALL Boxes below to indicate your understanding of our VIP Tagging Program before we can match you up with a VIP tagger
Whats next?
Thank you for your interest in VIP Consigning. We will review your form and get you assigned with a VIP Tagger as soon as one is available. Once we have a Tagger for you, they will be in contact on the next steps.
Please NOTE: VIP Request will be closed March 4th to allow our taggers enough prep time before sale day.
Thank You
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Charla: email-charlathayer@jbfsale.com or phone/text - 425.283.2427
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