Supplier engagement assessment survey
satsearch is conducting a survey on assessing the quality of engagement between the engineers and suppliers in the space industry. This will help suppliers get more insight into how they can streamline their practices to work more efficiently with engineers.

The survey takes less than 5 mins to complete. Thank you for participating in this survey.
In your current role, what kind of suppliers do you normally interface with? *
How many suppliers do you consider in the procurement process for any component/subsystem/service? *
Once you have chosen a specific product/service, how often do you consider changing the supplier for follow-up procurement? *
How often are you affected by export control restrictions (such as ITAR or others) to procure components? *
The quality of documentation for products/services provided by suppliers is *
The quality of after-sales engineering support for products/services provided by suppliers is *
The delivery time by suppliers in the space industry is *
What is the most difficult part of the procurement process? *
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Where are you from? *
What is your current role *
How many years of experience do you have in space projects? *
If you’re open to us contacting you to chat about your experiences in the space industry, please leave your name and email address.
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