La Raza Student Commission Intern Application 2019-2020
The overarching goals of La Raza Commission are to promote the following: cultural empowerment, educate others about Chicanx/Latinx culture and histories, educate and provide avenues of discussion about diverse intersecting identities within the Chicanx/Latinx community, promote higher education to Chicanx/Latinx youth, recognize and honor Chicanx/Latinx elders, strive for socio-economic justice; addressing political/social issues within the Chicanx/Latinx community, recognize and combat gender inequalities.

The team, director, intern, and constituents, will carry this out by collaborating and assisting each other in programming and event planning.

Internships are a year long commitment, and interns can expect to volunteer 3-8 hours per week.

The La Raza Student Commission is looking for interns for the following positions:

- Event Planning/Programming Interns (2)
Time — 3-8 hrs/wk

Programming Interns will assist La Raza Director in carrying out program/events in the planning and implementation process. This will include, but is not limited to, the following: completing forms, creating Facebook events, reserving spaces, booking Resource Center equipment for tabling, reserving event spaces, communicating with other organizations/ groups departments for collaborations, etc. They should be able to represent the Director when they are not present during meetings and/or events.

- Senate/Community Outreach/Political Intern
Time — 3-6 hrs/wk

Senate/Community Outreach/Political Interns will be responsible for maintaining strong and sustainable relationships within the Latinx community on and off campus. They will attend Senate meetings as a representative for La Raza Student Commission, Tuesdays 5-7 PM in Gowen 201. They will maintain themselves updated on the community (events, resource fairs, conferences, volunteer opportunities, etc) that pertain to our students. Do research on resources that may benefit our community and collaborate with Social Media/Webmaster Intern to publish them. This intern, in collaboration with the director, is responsible for coordinating our constituents for events in the off-campus community.

- Social Media Intern
Time — 3-5 hrs/wk

Social media intern is responsible for taking notes during La Raza meetings, send out minutes in a timely fashion for the commission. In addition, this intern collaborates with the other interns to distribute written content to newspapers and other public relations entities, such as the Daily. They are responsible for media coverage (photos) at our events. They will work with ASUW office of communications on advertisement for La Raza events. Ability to attend weekly meetings is a must.

*All interns are expected to attend/volunteer at La Raza's events, such as La Raza Grad, Dream Banquet, Quinceañerx, etc.

Application closes October 18th, at 11:59PM.

Please email the Director of the La Raza Student Commission, Katya, at if you have questions.
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