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Good Day Families, Staff and Students:

95 years ago, Booker T. Washington High School became one of the first secondary schools in the state of Georgia. In fact at one point it was the only place African Americans could come to get a high school diploma in the state of Georgia. At it's height, the school saw a student population of over 4000 students. Former students of Booker T. Washington High School include: Asa Yancey, Bruce Bruce (Comedian), Lena Horne, and the reknowned Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (to name a few). It is with this spirit of pride and history that our faculty and staff are hoping to restore the honor and dignity of this historical institution. We are currently considering the re-institution of a uniform policy for the 2020-21 school year. There are several reasons why this is a necessary measure for our school but the most compelling is that we want our students to walk in the excellence of a Washington graduate. Over the next few months, we will have a series of opportunities to plan for this change with you. Together, we will choose everything from apparel options, colors and style. Before that process begins, I'd like your feedback on a few items below. Please answer honestly and freely as all responses will be considered by our committee. I thank you in advance and appreciate your support!

Angela S. Coaxum-Young, Principal
THE Booker T. Washington High School
In your opinion, what are the benefits of uniforms?
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In your opinion, what are the barriers to implementing a uniform policy?
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Are there considerations the school should take into account before we implement the uniform policy? (Please list them)
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Are you in support of a school uniform?
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