SAIL Catalyst Application 2024

The SAIL Catalyst (formerly “Scale Your Local Catch”) is a nation-wide, producer-centered business accelerator developed to strengthen local and regional seafood systems by addressing challenges associated with direct marketing and by building the knowledge, skills, and networks needed for direct marketing seafood businesses to scale up their operations and increase their capacity and viability for long-term resilience in the United States. 

Catalyst participants will learn alongside their peers during weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays  from 2:00-3:30 pm ET, 1.5 hour-long virtual training sessions scheduled between June 2024-September 2024. Participants must be able to attend a majority of the training sessions and be willing to complete “homework” between sessions. To attend trainings and complete assignments, participants can expect to commit a total of approximately 60 hours to the program. A full agenda with training dates will be distributed upon acceptance into the program. 

As part of our efforts to assess the effectiveness of the program, participants are required to complete a series of evaluations throughout the duration of the program and beyond. 

About the application: 

Individual business information will not be shared without explicit permission on the part of the business owner. Information collected in this application will only be shared in aggregate (e.g. a cumulative total of X of fishing permits are managed by cohort members). This application is designed to help us better understand your business, develop strategies for potential future impact, and to provide information that is necessary for demonstrating future funding needs.

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Name of business representative(s)
Phone Number
Email Address
Business Name
Business Mailing Address
Business Physical Address
Business Website and Socials (if applicable).

What best describes your role in the seafood supply chain? Select all that apply.

What are the primary products you produce or harvest? If more than one, rank your top three, with 1 being the primary product.
Clear selection

If you participate in an aquaculture operation, is the leasee of the acreage actively engaged in farm activities?

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If you participate in wild capture fisheries, who owns the vessels and permits you work with?
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How many crew members sail on each vessel, and how many people are working for your business (provide a brief description of each role)? 

How long are your vessels trips at sea?
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Share the vision, mission, and/or values of your business.
Please provide a short history of your business operation including who owns and operates the current business, and any closely related businesses (such as a packing or custom processing business), if the fishing/seafood entity is incorporated, when it was incorporated, and any prior history of fishing for you, your family and the land/sea where you currently operate.
What are your current sales channels? Select all that apply.
How many years have you participated in direct marketing via dockside/farmers markets, CSA/CSFs, buyers clubs, farm stands, or other?
Clear selection
Approximately what % of your total annual sales are earned through your direct marketing channels?
What is your approximate annual production in pounds of whole/round  seafood harvested?
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If you responded yes to the last question: Which products are you processing/distributing and who are you getting them from? How much of your sales (e.g. percentage) comes from these products?
What were your total sales and total expenses for 2022 and 2023?
Approximately how many consumers did you sell to directly in 2023 (home cook/ restaurants)?

Please describe your current business growth goals over the next 1-5 years and how you hope your participation in the Seafood Accelerator and Innovation Lab Scale Your Local Catch program would support these goals.  

Are you planning to sell or transfer your business within the next few years?
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Please describe your formal and informal education in fishing or farm business management. Mention any courses you have taken in finance or accounting, business law, human resources management, marketing, agricultural or managerial economics, etc., as well as years of “learning by doing” in your own operation or others. 

What subjects in business operations or management do you most want to learn about? What specific issues do you most hope to address by participating in this program?
Please share with us your process for bookkeeping. What process and tools do you use?
Please indicate your level of expertise using Microsoft Excel as a tool in your business
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What fisheries do you participate in?
What values drive your decision-making regarding how you manage your fishing operations in regard to production and harvesting standards? How do you put those values into practice?
What method(s) do you use to fish?
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What fishing methods do you use to minimize bycatch or discards?
Please state any policies and practices related to waste disposal, including paint, fuel, oil, gear, onboard and shoreside.
Do you or your enterprise build coalitions or collaborate within broader movements for environmental, food, climate justice? If so, please elaborate.
How many staff or crew do you currently employ?
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Are you using the H-2B guestworker program?
Clear selection
If you answered yes to the previous question, how many H2 workers do you employ and why do you chose to use the program?
What social/community benefits does your enterprise provide? Check all that apply.
What does your enterprise do to ensure equity,  justice, and access for all individuals working with the enterprise?
Clear selection
Is your business located or selling seafood into low income or low access communities? Please Explain.
In what ways are you making your food accessible to folks across the income spectrum?
In what ways do you or your enterprise collaborate with communities, stakeholders, and other alternative food networks? Check all that apply.
In what ways are you as an individual or through your enterprise supporting other marginalized groups in achieving food sovereignty and access (including Black and People of Color communities, LGBTQI+, women, transgender and gender nonbinary/nonconforming, disabled people, veterans, etc.)?
Please tell us if the owner(s) of your business identify as any of the following? Select all that apply.
Please tell us if the owner(s) of your business identify as any of the following? Select all that apply.
By applying to this program, business leaders (owners and key business managers) are committing their time and energy to full participation in the program.  We recommend having at least two key people dedicated to attending all trainings. Additionally, we recommend you bring in other business managers for focused training sessions, for example, having the business’ finances manager or bookkeeper participate in all the training sessions regarding business finances, but not necessarily other business aspects (e.g. marketing). Do you have any concerns about the ability of your leader(s) to commit to their participation in the program?
Clear selection
Which leader(s) from your business would be the primary point(s) of contact and participant(s) in this program? Please provide their contact information (Name, Email, Phone)

Following the SAIL Catalyst, would you be willing to provide peer support and mentorship to new seafood businesses participating in direct marketing? 

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Local Catch would like to issue a press release announcing the launch of the accelerator program. If selected to participate in the program, may we include your business name and a short overview of what you do and how/why you do it, in our press release and in any future media?
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Anything else you’d like us to know?  
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