Elite Sheet--September--Humility--Red Stripe
Be quietly great and serve others.

Years ago, a 10-year-old boy approached the counter of a soda shop and climbed up on a stool. “What does an ice cream sundae cost?” he asked the waitress. "Fifty cents," she answered. The boy reached deep in his pockets and pulled out an assortment of change, counting it carefully as the waitress grew impatient. She had "bigger" customers to help. "Well, how much would just plain ice cream be?" the boy asked. The waitress responded with noticeable irritation in her voice, "Thirty-five cents." Again, the boy slowly counted his money. "May I have some plain ice cream in a dish then, please?" He gave the waitress the correct amount, and she brought him the ice cream.

Later, the waitress returned to clear the boy’s dish, and when she picked it up, she felt a lump in her throat. The boy had left two nickels and five pennies. She realized that he could have bought the sundae, but instead, he ordered plain ice cream so that he could leave her a tip. The waitress should have showed humility in serving the boy. You never know how great people can truly be.
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