Exit Card- VTCLA Session #3 Proficiency-Based Learning- January 6, 2017
Please take 10 minutes to complete this Exit Card before you leave Session #3. Your feedback helps us plan.
Are you walking away from our meeting with useful tools/resources to use in communicating about Proficiency-Based Learning in your own district?
Resources not useful
Multiple resources that I will readily use
After reflecting on your own district's shifts and the transition to proficiency-based learning, where do you need to place your emphasis right now?
What is the most significant message or update you need to send to your school community right now around Proficiency-Based Learning?
Your answer
What clear take -away did you gain from the morning sessions with teachers and students?
Your answer
What general comments or recommendations do you have regarding VTCLA Session #3?
Your answer
We are beginning to shape ideas around developing CURRICULUM in a proficiency-based system. What is your current thinking around the following question: WHAT DOES CURRICULUM LOOK LIKE IN A PROFICIENCY-BASED SYSTEM THAT EMBRACES FLEXIBLE PATHWAYS FOR ALL STUDENTS?
Your answer
FOR NEXT SESSION: Do you have a key question or concerns around the integration of MTSS in a proficiency-based system?
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