Request a Song for Vocaloid Radio!
-The song MUST be related to VOCALOID or singing synthesizers (UTAU for example) to be eligible on our station.

-This is is not a "please help me find a song" form, you can contact us directly through our media platforms if you need assistance in finding a song on our station.

-One song per form. You may submit more than one form if you want to request multiple songs.

-We will indicate if the song is added to our station publicly through our media platforms. Unless you are the producer, we will not contact you directly if the song has been added.

-If your song did not make it onto our station, do not be discouraged! We are extremely picky as to which songs we have on the station. There are plenty of other platforms you can expose your music to. We wish the best of luck to all!

What is the full title of the song? *
Song titles should be in its native language and do not necessarily need to be in english.
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Is this an original, cover, or your own work? *
A cover uses a pre-exisiting VOCALOID song and modifies it, be it remix, alternative VOCALOIDS, or otherwise.
What is the link to the song? * links are highly encouraged, but not necessary.
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FOR PRODUCERS ONLY (OPTIONAL): What is your email?
This is only for PRODUCERS with original songs and covers. We may reach out to you if we like your stuff!
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FOR PRODUCERS ONLY (OPTIONAL): What are your social media links?
This is only for PRODUCERS with original songs and covers. We use this to credit you publicly if your song makes it onto our station. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are highly encouraged.
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