UC San Diego: Student Feedback on Sports Facilities & Recreation
This form is a way for you to express your questions, comments, and concerns with sports facilities and recreation on campus. Your questions and comments will be taken into consideration from the UCSD Sports Facilities Advisory Board (SFAB) on campus and brought into discussion for future improvements and projects.
What is SFAB?
SFAB stands for Sports Facilities Advisory Board is the principal advisory committee on sports facilities, recreation and athletics on campus comprised of 15 voting members / representatives:

*2 members at large (Chair & Vice-Chair),
* 6 student representatives from each of the 6 college councils.
*1 TAC Representative (Tritons Athletic Council)
*1 A.S. Representative (Associated Students)
* 2 GSA Representatives (Graduate Student Association)
*1 alumnus from UCSD Alumni Association
*1 UCSD Staff Member
*1 UCSD Faculty Member

Non-voting members include:

*Director, Intercollegiate Athletics
*Director, Recreation
*Director, Sports Facilities
*Executive Secretary

We meet biweekly on Thursdays (3:30-4:30PM) to discuss changes, comments, questions, concerns, and updates in Sports Facilities, Recreation, and Athletics on campus. The purpose of SFAB is to communicate changes and hear student voices. If you are interested more in how you can reach out to the board to have your comments and questions heard please contact Macey Rafter (Chair) at mrafter@ucsd.edu and Hannah Caskey (Vice-Chair) at hcaskey@ucsd.edu.


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