Petít Cucina: Make-Your-Oats-Jar @ $6
Petít Cucina serves healthy overnight oats, using organic and natural ingredients. You can have them for breakfast or as a healthy snack daily. With more than 2,800 combinations, you will never get bored of eating healthy!

Each oats jar comes in 400ml glass jars. You can customize your overnight oats by mixing different toppings, starting from $6 a jar only!

For large volume orders and events catering, please email to

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**Important Announcement**

As we welcome the transition into phase 2, we'll be reopening self-collection options at the following venues:
- Marsiling
- Yio Chu Kang
- Raffles Place

Payments will still be through PayLah/PayNow to minimize contact. (But lets face it, who still relies on cash payments right??)

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Happy 🙂
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1. Pick a yogurt base.
2. Choose a milk to add to your oats, if any.
3. Pick one or more fruits to flavour your oats!
4. Fancy some nuts/seeds? Pick one or more to add to your oats.
5. Tell us if you prefer some honey in your oats!
6. You can customize up to 5 oats jars in a single order form!
7. Select your mode of collection and provide us your contact details.
8. Once we receive your order, Petit Cucina will contact you to confirm your order and arrange for collection.
9. Enjoy your healthy overnight oat jars!
For each glass jar returned, get a $0.50 rebate on your next purchase.
Got a question for us?
You can always reach us on Facebook/Instagram @petitcucina or email to!
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