Tournament Registration Form
The official registration for One! Athletic 2018 Tournaments.

For more information on the specific tournament you are registering see below:
- National Interfaith Basketball Tournament - April 21-22, 2018 ($395)
- Womens Volleyball Tournament - Dec 8, 2018
- Mens Volleyball Tournament - Dec 22-23 2018
- Womens Basketball Tournament - Winter 2018

*All dates are tentative and can be changed at any time by the One! Athletics Committee. Please keep in mind a deposit is due to secure your team spot. If the deposit is not received by the date, then your team will not participate in the tournament.

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The Volleyball tournament is Muslim only and open to players over the age of 16 only.

The Softball Tournament is for Muslim players and (3) non-Muslims and open to players over the age of 16 only.

The Basketball Tournament is open to all faiths. Players and Teams of any faith can participate in the tournament. Players must be 18 yrs and older.

A player must be registered before the start of the tournament in order to play in any games. Also, a player must have played in a bracket game to play in the playoffs.

Rosters can be changed by emailing before the start of the tournament.

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