Rail Trails Australia Survey
Rail Trails Australia (RTA) is a volunteer not-for-profit, member-based organisation and does not receive any government funding. Our vision is for Australia's former rail corridors to be protected for their cultural and natural heritage values and enjoyed by the community and visitors for active recreation, such as walking, cycling and horse riding.

We are surveying our members, supporters, users of rail trails and other stakeholders, to inform our strategy and work for the next three years. Please complete this 5 minute survey.

If you have any queries about our 2019 survey contact admin@railtrails.org.au or want to learn more about RTA go to https://www.railtrails.org.au/
Considering Rail Trails Australia's vision (above), to what extent do you support the following work?
not support
strongly support
promoting the use of rail trails
advocating for new and improved rail trails
supporting organisations involved in current or potential rail trails
How did you see the link to this survey?
Who are you? *
NB You are welcome to complete the survey twice - as an individual and as a representative of an organisation (questions differ)
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