Startups for the Open Internet
Every startup depends on a free and open internet.

Telecom operators like Airtel and Vodafone want to block our apps and websites unless we pay them a revenue share, or to block us outright if we compete with one their myriad other businesses like voice, messaging and TV. This would be an extreme violation of network neutrality, the principle that enabled “innovation without permission” on the internet until today.

While TRAI is supposedly doing a public consultation on this (, it is clear that thanks to intensive lobbying and perhaps worse, they are mostly concerned with finding ways extract money from app developers, and not in preserving net neutrality.

Our challenge is to make the voices of consumers and startups reach the TRAI loud and clear.

We're forming a group of concerned people from internet companies and startups who are interested in fighting for net neutrality together. We’re building the site and planning other public awareness campaigns. Please fill up this form to join us.

This is possibly the greatest threat to the future of our startup ecosystem. Let us defeat it. Join the fight.

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