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I understand Evolutionary Dog Training, LLC will do its best to train said dog(s), however, does not guarantee said dog(s) will be free of unwanted behavior. I understand all dogs learn at a different rate and that training is an on-going process. I understand I must keep up the training process on my own or dog(s) may revert to previous behavior. I understand I am responsible for representing dog(s) in a truthful manner so that trainer has full knowledge in order to train appropriately. I understand I am solely responsible for any harm the dog(s) may cause to self, trainer, property, other humans or other animals. I further understand I waive any and all claims against Evolutionary Dog Training, LLC or its employees. I understand it is my responsibility to keep my dog(s) under control at all times. I understand my dog(s) must be current on all required vaccinations and must be free and clear of any communicable diseases or parasites including fleas and ticks. I understand Evolutionary Dog Training, LLC reserves the right to take dog(s) to vet if necessary and I am responsible for all applicable charges including transportation and vet fees. By checking "Yes" below the client fully understands and agrees to the contents of this application:
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