GSAA 11th Grade Course Selection Sheet
Incoming 11th-grade students and their parent(s)/guardian(s) need to choose courses for next year. Students will be assigned their courses in English, Math, and Social Studies. If you are missing credits as a Junior those will be automatically assigned to you as well. It is recommended but not required that each student take a world language (Spanish) course. Please note any prerequisites for courses that are selected.

Questions regarding your choices please email Mrs. Caron at:
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Required Courses - All 11th grade students are automatically enrolled in the following courses
* English 11 (1 credit course) (full-year)
* US & NH History (1 credit course) (full-year)
Mathematics - depends on what was taken in 10th grade (NH State requirements 3 credits including Algebra) *
Science - Depends on what was taken in 10th grade. (NH State requirement 2 credits including 1 Physical & 1 Biological Science)
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Do you still need PE or Health? (can check more than 1) (NH State requirements 1/2 credit in health & 1 full credit in PE)
World Language-not a NH graduation requirement
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The "Arts:" Students can choose up to 5 total credits in the arts.
Dance (can check more than 1)
Music (can check more than 1)
Sewing (can check more than 1)
Theatre (can check more than 1)
Visual Arts (can check more than 1)
Do you need a Study Hall?
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Elective Courses
Students can choose up to 3 electives. Enrollment depends on how many arts classes were selected and scheduling availability.
Humanities Electives (can check up to 3)
Please list your arts/elective's interest in the order of importance.
We can not guarantee enrollment into these arts/electives in the order of your importance but we try to do our best depending on scheduling availability.
Arts/Electives Preference order *
1st choice
2nd choice
3rd choice
4th choice
5th choice
6th choice
7th choice
Visual Arts
Humanities Electives
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