utelecon サポート窓口・メール相談フォーム / Consultation Form of utelecon Support Desk
その他,本サポート窓口に関する注意事項は https://utelecon.adm.u-tokyo.ac.jp/supports/ をご覧ください.
/ To ensure prompt response, the support desk is generally staffed by students, as well as faculty staff. Please keep this in mind and **DO NOT include any information which is inappropriate to share with students. If your question contains such information, please check the "I would like to receive support from faculty members" box in this form. A faculty member will respond directly.
Please refer to https://utelecon.adm.u-tokyo.ac.jp/supports/ for other notes on the support desk.
氏名 / Name *
共通ID(10桁) / Common ID (10 digits-ID)
分からない場合は空欄でも結構です./ If you don't know it, please leave it blank.
メールアドレス / Email address *
回答はこのメールアドレスに返信します ※ECCSクラウドメールを利用したことのない方は「その他」を選びメールアドレスを入力してください/Reply is normally sent to your ECCS Cloud Email. If you have never accessed ECCS Cloud Email before, you might select “Others” and specify your email address.
所属学部・研究科等 / Faculty or Graduate School *
構成員分類 / Position *
学年・職名等 / Grade or title *
教職員による対応を希望 / Support from faculty members
迅速に回答を行うため,質問への対応は原則として,学生スタッフ「コモンサポーター」と教職員が共同で行っています.成績に関する内容などの学生の目に触れることが適当でない質問の場合は,以下にチェックを入れてください.ただし,返信が遅れる可能性がある旨をご了承ください./ As mentioned, the support desk is generally staffed by students. If your question seems to be inappropriate for students, please check the box below. A faculty member will respond to you directly. Kindly note that it might take some time.
何に関する質問ですか? / What is your inquiry? *
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